About Strehög 1879

Since 1879 we have created style icons for your home.

The beautiful nature

The year was 1879, a cold Monday in October. The comrades Hagbart Waldemar Höegh and Johan Martin Streijffert decided to take a shortcut through the forest on their way home. As the sky turned dark and the frost settled like a layer on all the leaves that autumn left behind, they found themselves lost in the deep forest.

It is said that it was in that moment, captured by nature’s beauty, that the two comrades found the inspiration for what would become today’s Strehög. For the first time the organic materials’ endurance, the perfection of each colour and nature’s pureness was perceived by the two.

The thought of creating furnishing with the same authentic quality was born. They believed careful craftsmanship would give them the same fulfilled sensation, just like that late October night.

Höegh and Streijffert created an expression as timeless as the oaks they wandered under. And even today, Strehög develops carpets that radiate the legacy that the two comrades once created. Timeless and sustainability in design, quality and conscience.

Strehög 1879 is a brand within InHouse Group Sweden, which is one of Sweden’s largest carpet suppliers. In the middle of Småland, Emmaboda, you will find us.

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